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Miami University is located in the beautiful college town of Oxford, Ohio. With a diverse and vibrant student population of 20,000, all Miami freshmen live on campus, which is also home to about 500 student organizations. The university is known for its incredible student programming and its strong Greek system, which has more than 50 fraternities and sororities and makes up a large part 


of campus life. The tight-knit community of students looks after each other, providing a strong tradition through the generations. Upper classmen create a unique guide to life at Miami University, called the “M Book”.



At Miami University, it's called student "life" for a reason. Actually, for about a thousand of them. At our Public Ivy institution, students are always on the go…taking interesting classes, meeting students from all over the country and the world, and experiencing a whole new type of life many never thought possible. We boast of a highly involved Greek life, our diversity programming is top-notch, and many former students have stated that attending Miami University easily rates as one of the best choices they have ever made.